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Quote: Originally Posted by Torvai View Post
build reaping strike into it. But no idea where it sits on the priority tbh.
Above Maul/Shadow Strike, below Discharge/Breach and Assassinate/Spinning Strike.

It has a cooldown so you will want to use it as often as possible. But it's use is completely wasted if you override already active and capped procs. Execute is always top prio because you never know when you can use it again, Breach is top prio because overriding procs is (more) wasted damage (than the +1GCD of cooldown on Reaping Strike).

For PvE it'll be different because you can execute on cooldown. To be honest though the only thing that then changes is that keeping up stacks of Clair/Volt will have the next priority right after executing. Then proceed as above.

Edit: And in PvE Breach is absolute prio, rather than execute. Because procs and force management. (I mean, its hard but if you randomly hit stuff you CAN still run out of force)

Quote: Originally Posted by LudhaninRolgge View Post
Never use Potency before Spinning Kick. Because of reasons it's a force attack so it uses a charge that could be better used on a Breach or a Blast. And you should Shadow Stride just after you Breach so firstly you don't waste a stack of Breaching Shadows as you do if you SS just after Blast and secondly you can make 2 back to back crit Breaches.
Spinning kick hits pretty gosh darn hard theise days tbf, using potency on it is still ill-advised but definitely not "completely terrible" anymore.
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