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Updates to the list so far... These are all as a Jedi Consular

Ord Mantell:
- Separatist Movement (currently only obtainable during the Trooper/Smuggler quest 'Unsafe Safe Houses’, unobtainable for Jedi Knight/Consular)

- Kel Dor
- Mon Calamari
- Cathar (currently only obtainable during Trooper/Smuggler quest)

- Split by Rebellion (unless partied with viable class)
- Ruled by Corruption (unless partied with a viable class)
- Underworld Influences (unless partied with a viable class during 'Buying Loyalty')

Nar Shaddaa:
On Nar Shaddaa I have 7/7 entries for locations as a Jedi Consular. Network Access is an Empire ONLY entry and is not included in the possible locations on the summary page for Republic.