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Hi, my guild has been working on NiM DP to get achievements before 4.0 drops. We've one shot everything easily before the council, but our PT DPS, who used to kite Raptus and got Dread Master pre. 3.0, is having issues with getting knocked back when he's over 5 meters behind the boss and had hydraulics popped. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

I assume your talking about council kitting?

If not then he likely popped it too late

If so -
Hydraulics nor any other ability of the likes does not work on raptus. You have 2 options 1 kite it properly and get out of the purple quick, or two stack against a side beam and have a healer need to pay more attention to you. Note I have done it both ways, the second way is usually only done in 16m since I usually lag a bit and suck at kitting in lag and our healers are good enough to 3 heal first phase and dedicate 1 healer to healing and cleansing mostly just me and whoever he can get around to reaching.
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