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Quote: Originally Posted by MoshhsoM View Post
Don't do that high bonus ****, it's garbage

Just make sure crit around 38-40 and bonus damage around 670-690. Personally mines a little high at the moment with 645 bonus and 42% crit but I'm gonna change it to 670 with 40 most likely

Since scoundrels only use tech they get a lot less out of power than a melee does since they get no weapon dmg
When you say "bonus damage around 670-690" you are talking about the (ranged) bonus damage, not the (tech) bonus damage, right? Because it seems I need to stack a lot more power by sacrificing crit to get to 670~ (ranged) bonus, which means that my crit will drop quite below your optimal range of 38~40. If it's the (tech) bonus you're talking about, well... that changes things.