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02.20.2020 , 12:42 PM | #4
The only thought I ever have about the killiks is 'why haven't the Empire and Republic united to exterminate the horrible mind rape bugs plaguing Alderaan'. They are one of the most disgusting and immoral species in the setting who actually think they are doing people a favor by granting them the 'peace' of having their mind forcibly altered by chemical warfare and consumed by their wretched hive mind. Not that this is anything new since the books they were introduced in also inexplicably didn't have everyone unanimously decide to wipe them out in self defense on the grounds that they were a monster species that evolved from the ground up to mind rape other species into slavery via chemical warfare and they can't even turn off their ability to emit their mind rape pheromones if they wanted to (which they don't, because again the insane monsters think they are doing you a favor by stealing your free will and enslaving you to their hive mind).