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Seems to me the problem with volunteer leaders is >80% of people are unqualified and those are the most likely to try to lead. I always assume the guy telling me what to do is an idiot, has no idea what class I am, what the other classes in the warzone are and/or that it even matters, has a very poor understanding of strategy and most especially... I probably don't like him anyway. Here's an example:

The other day the volunteer leader insisted that one is enough to defend a point and later in the warzone insisted that if the other team's point is defended by a single player any random person can be reasonably expected to solo him in enough time to cap before his friends come. If you can't hold a point alone you suck and if you can't take a point alone you also suck. How can both those things possibly be true? they can't. he's a moron and if you start telling me what to do before I have checked out the group and decided for myself, I expect you're a moron too and in addition to being a moron you're a presumptuous self-centered ******e that's going to lead this team to ruin.

There are a handful of people I will listen to, they very rarely bother and who can blame them, the warzones, much like the world, are full of morons.

Much better to tell everyone in the WZ what YOU are doing so that they can factor that into their own decisions. I respect people who give me information. I detest and suspect people who order me around.
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