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03.31.2015 , 04:49 PM | #508
Here's my sentinel. I kind of really like the idea of my knight gearing up for the war with heavy armor mixed with jedi robes, so I really like the armor he has. I wish Miraluka could have facial hair though. My "Jedi Master" look would be complete with it.

Master and Padawan

Standing Alone

With Lightsabers Out

Full Battle Armor (with helmet)

I am however looking for robes to wear when my knight is not in combat, but back home on the temple. I wish they'd add more robes like from the movies without the cloaks and short sleeves though. I wish we'd see a robe like Alec_Fortescue made. Normal length sleeves but with the classic looking tunic. I'd gladly spend money to be able to wear something like this. It seems like it would be possible to do since the created image is just a bunch of gear already in game just photoshopped on top of each other. Hopefully in the future a set that looks like it will be added.
I've got a key too, with no CE... oops...