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Here are two looks that I've used in the past, I'm currently using the Black/Gold Motif. Not only did I do HM DF/DP so I could get the correct "Shine" to the armor pieces from the token drops, but the Black/Gold Motif has a high amount of sentimental value. I had 4 friends craft a bracer, augment kit/augment, Main Hand Crystal and Off Hand Crystal. They seldom play anymore except for one, but it's comforting to know that the look also has a momento from some of my closest friends even if we've parted ways gaming wise. I hope you enjoy.

Misty Peace Sign Pose (Hood Down/No Helm)

White Dyed Hunter Look (Helm)

Black/Gold Motif with Saber - Armor Effect

Black/Gold Motif without Saber - Armor Effect

Black/Gold Motif Power Stance

Black/Gold Motif Full Body Stance - No Armor Effect
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