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09.09.2014 , 11:41 AM | #782
I have an issue on 1080p with the save and close button not being able to be shown (it's because I'm on my 60" big screen for HTPC so DPI Scaling is at 120%~).

I tried disabling DPI scaling with the flag in program shortcut but that didn't work, eventually I figured out if you moved the task bar from the bottom of the screen to the left and back you could see the buttons.

This allowed me to save and enter the game which produced horrible FPS in comparison to the normal 100 FPS I was getting in areas. I unchecked the DPI Scaling flag and all back to normal plus a little bit faster of load times.

I've got RAID 0 SSD so I didn't expect too much of a gain but it has helped in some areas with the random drops (100 FPS then down to 60-70 FPS then back up).

I would recommend making the program sizable or movable even with the settings dropped down by grabbing anywhere in the program.

My only other recommendation would be more preset buttons for the areas. Some things are probably not obvious to computer savvy people.

Overall thank you! I've recommended this to everyone and it's helped everyone so far!