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The change in IP addresses by certain ISP's is a great inconvenience for those that use those ISP's. We totally understand that. The problem we face is that we have to take into account a lot more than just changing IP addresses, and have to set the level of security around 'all the players'. This means that some (in this case people that use changing IP ISP's) are going to be inconvenienced more than others. We also have to consider what attacks can be run against the system, and ignoring IP and changing to MAC address instead would actually open up quite a few attack vectors which you don't want us to allow. In reality we pay attention to a lot more than just the IP address, but that's a different conversation which I won't go into detail on 'for security reasons'.

Authentication is one of the most complex systems we have as we try to balance security with user inconvenience. In the end to have adequate security, some inconvenience is required. Believe me, if we could trust everybody to stick to their own account and just have people log in with an auto-saved username, we would. Reality is that there are a few 'bad' people out there that mean we have to treat authentication seriously. And we do.

To alleviate the problem we do have two options on our side:
For subscribers, there is the option to use the Mobile Security Key (and ex-subscribers can continue to use it after they stop subscribing up until they remove the Security Key from their account). This will mean you do not get an email every time your IP changes, and instead have to type in the Mobile Security Key Code.
For all players, there is the option to buy the Physical Security Key to achieve the same thing. Yes, I totally understand the Physical Security Key is currently out of stock in Europe, and we are working diligently with the European Origin Store staff to get that restocked ASAP. I have a tentative date for sometime in the next few weeks, but I'm not going to say exactly when until they confirm that date to the point where I feel comfortable posting it. I do not want to give false hope there!
Bring back the security questions system. Whoever wants more security just buy the security key / use app.

You are clearly trying to force ppl to buy the security key , (yes they will be restocking off course)

"May the force be... wherever it needs to be."