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After talking with the team, currently this is my error in the patch notes. It is intended that non-final bosses are dropping Prototype and Artifact gear (not unassembled, which is my error). However, given the feedback of this thread (and the one you linked) the team is looking at improving this experience in the future.

Apologies for the confusion. I will let you know of any potential changes to this in the future and I will get the patchnotes updated.

I have to admit, I'm a little dissapointed that this was even considered a worthy reward for Nightmare Operations (Master mode, whatever the cool kids are calling it these day). The Mods you get in the gear is arguably worse than you get in Hardmode with the 244 blue enhancements in many cases having the same stats as the 242 golds from HM (Veteran Mode in new and 'trendy'? speak), the only part that is actually an upgrade is the armoring which comes out random anyways making it hard to gear.

It also doesn't make any sense at all that easier content give you a token which lets you choose which set bonus to purchase. It seems to me like a massive FUBAR on behalf of the design team. I'd expect this sort of loot system to be put into easier content, 'little effort, little reward so be happy you get anything' kind of deal but to put the worst system of gearing in the most difficult tier almost makes me think it was a mix up and supposed to be implemented at a lower tier, I mean really can we all just admit this wasn't a good idea and move forward? (or just forgo the admitting part and pretend it never happened, i'd be ok with that too)
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