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I understand that you're typing this out of frustration and I can empathize, but in order for anyone to help you and give you some advice, a little more context would go a long way.

- what is the exact name of the mission (as there are several missions pertaining to the corellia rocket tram), can you tell us how many adversaries you are facing and what you think is killing you?
- what class are you playing and which spec?
- what companion is with you?
- what level are you?

If anything you can always use your heroic moment as soon as the fight starts. Have you tried it?
The mission is called Rocket Tram Support, and I'm at the stage "Meet with the repair team". It's when I click the chief engineer to start the conversation that around a gazillion Imperials appear and wipe me out. They just keep coming and I'm overwhelmed by weight of numbers.
I am a level 49 Jedi Sentinel.
My companion is the healer, Doc. He tends to get killed before I do.
Normally with large numbers of enemies, I expect to die once or twice, but provided I regenerate in situ, I can wear down the numbers of bad guys to eventually win. In this case, however, as soon as I fall, the numbers reset, so I never make any headway.