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Quote: Originally Posted by Ashane View Post
7% incoming..
7% outgoing..
7% increased healing..

Yup, "just" 7%. Oh wait, no its not.

Even assuming no one is healing, that's a 7% increased damage AND a 7% reduced damage, which is a net 14% increase. Erm, that's a huge amount.

You do know that expertise effects all 3 right? Oh, you didnt? My bad.
and enemy expertise offsets it. Your 7% damage reduction.

And that's not 7% expertise, son. That's 7% STAT DIFFERENCE.

so, if Full BM gave 1000 expertise (it does not, but its a nice round number), the alternative gives 930.

Try to keep up.

At the actual stat values we're talking about, its a lot smaller than that... as little as 2-3 to each main stat, 1 or 2 of a rating. Thats all.
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