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03.19.2012 , 05:53 AM | #21
I'm gonna put my two cents in. I find that (as a sith inq's assassin) That tanking with a healer is the quickest way for me to level, So if you happen to have a tank companion, It can go quite smooth and less stress full. Now, I did do pure dps with a tank, And it was once very overpowered to tank with my companion while i was in dps spec... however, now they are next to useless unless you can heal them due to the recent nerfs on the tank companions.

So it's basically like this Dieing alot with alot of kills/speed OR slower speed, But less deaths (If you got a geared healer.... im using 2V-R8 and i want to punch a baby because he comes completely un-geared and worthless.)