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03.22.2018 , 09:35 PM | #6
I've really been enjoying this class in unranked warzones. Now that I'm in mostly 248 gear, I'm hitting harder and winning more on on one fights. But what really brings this over the top for me is the tactical value of being able to use stuns and mezzes to steal nodes. I really love doing that, though many of the smarter players will keep two guards to prevent you from doing that. In PVE, you don't get to do that and so from a operations/HM point of view, infiltration/deception is not as good as other classes.

When I'm in a crowded fight (4 vs 4 or more), then I wish I was in a ranged class that could more easily track the one opponent I want to kill. I've seen assassin/shadows that are very good in a crowded combat situation take people down quickly and put up very good damage numbers, but that's not me yet. Usually I'll just bail out or switch to a less crowded node where I can be of more value.
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