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It's the lifecycle of all MMOs. One day your class is on top, the next it is on the bottom.

The only trend I noticed, is that BW will NEVER let this class be really good for serious PvE in anything other than tanking. Either it is too weak, or other classes are too much better.

As for PvP, I found it pretty decent in regs. Nothing to complain about honestly. Would like the 30% stun DR and/or PW back, but w/e.

Solo ranked is filled with too many mats farmers and trolls to take seriously; collect your mats/comms and move on. I would personally do this, but due to my schedule I can't even get there at a time it pops on star forge.

And group ranked, unless you are kick balling or it gets a cxp bonus, it will never pop. And during the cxp bonus, it is once again just filled with farmers, no one really takes it seriously.

So which specific type of game mode did you have a complaint in? If it is NiM PvE, it is your fault because by now you should've known better than to expect dps sin to be competitive with other classes like merc/marauder/sniper. If it is regs, not sure what to tell you, doesn't seem bad to me. If it is solo ranked, get over it, it's not competitive and never will be. If it is group ranked, not sure what to tell you either, you are in such a small minority that you will never get attention, just play FoTM,
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