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Quote: Originally Posted by sithBracer View Post
For PvE: seriously how long have you played this game?
For unranked PvP: Class seems fine to me.
For solo ranked PvP: I'll get back to you when enough people take solo ranked seriously.
For Group ranked PvP: I'll get back to you when more than 10 people play it.
Played it since launch. As I've said in other threads, I'm not the best and I'm not the worst. What I have seen is a trend, over the years of the game's life, that has hurt the class, especially given the concept that it was supposed to be a glass cannon, very hard hitting but not very sturdy. It doesn't hit as hard, and the defenses of the other classes have been improved, as well as their ability to hit just as hard, and often much harder, than we do. Given the general brokenness of class balance, plus factoring in a skewing of the game to favor ranged, it's been less and less enjoyable, particularly since 5.0 and really 5.5/5.6...that was really what was the final insult.