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To any of you that read this, thank you.

First thing I want to mention is to do with match making, it was a great thing when there was enough of each role. Now sometimes we're lacking one of the roles, which I don't think is a bad thing. However I do think it's a bad thing when that said role leaves the warzone and it gets replaced with another role. Leaving the match ultimately unbalanced just like before.
This phenomena was predicted very early on, but just because the prediction was correct, doesn't affect what changes actually go in. When they made the change to limit the number of healer/tanks, all depth and need for intelligence or strategy in wars was gone and was simply reduced to kinder-garden pvp strategy: tunnel the healer. Very quickly most players stopped PvPing with their healers, many healers that remain drop early because it is not fun to simply be a punching bag and low populations do not backfill properly. Myself, I had 2 BiS healers, one on each faction, but this change told me that everyone is supposed to only play DPS chars, so thats what I do now.

So, the net result of the change: Slower queues, much more mis-balanced wars, smarter PvPers no longer PvP. Exactly the opposite of what they thought the change would do. Hows that for progress.