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To any of you that read this, thank you.

First thing I want to mention is to do with match making, it was a great thing when there was enough of each role. Now sometimes we're lacking one of the roles, which I don't think is a bad thing. However I do think it's a bad thing when that said role leaves the warzone and it gets replaced with another role. Leaving the match ultimately unbalanced just like before.
For the most part grouping up avoids most of this, which I also don't think this is a bad thing. But when you have no friends that are online or everyone is off playing another game. You may just want to queue up and play, instead of just making new friends. That's where you get to experience the worst of the queue, you not only get back filled into healer roles as dps in regs. You get back filled into the games nobody wants to play or just wanted to stop playing. Most of these you will probably leave too as they're not so enjoyable.
I think that is a big problem, I feel like we should probably have some feature to make sure we don't get matched with in-progress groups. Or that warzones get locked once someone leaves preventing back filling and if you lose more the warzone ends early with no chance to back fill. This would ultimately stop the insane amount of leave join fests in OPG, Quesh and vandin huttball. Which I think would be good for everyone.

Next thing I want to mention is gearing. I love all the classes and specs, but gearing right now is less so difficult but more tedious and time gated than anything. Unless you've hoarded a ton of UC's it's also a big grind if you try to get all your UC conversions, which I don't think is completely worth it. I feel like the idea of the gearing system is neat but I also disagree strongly with it. There could be a much easier ways to tackle this system to make it not only PvE friendly but PvP friendly.
With a simple change of making the conversion for UC to MDC a daily or making MDC's Legacy currency it'd not only make PvP a viable option but also make alts a more viable method of gearing. I'm most in favor of making MDC's Legacy as it'd help both sides of the community and it'd also help those who want to play many alts. Which is my current problem, but I will get there eventually as the gear isn't a must on most of my alts.

Also, anyone else tired of only getting huttball pops? It's reminding me of Yavin ruins all over again.. If you didn't want to play huttball you'd be in queue for nearly an hour at times before you see something besides it.
I hope something can be done about the queuing system, I was always a fan of Gw2's queue.
But I think a simple game mode roll rng then a map roll rng after mode has been selected would be a easier option to fix this absurd rate of huttballs popping.

Anyway, thanks!
Just wanted to get this out.