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02.08.2020 , 02:37 PM | #7
Strike Fighters were a really common ship choice even back when they were bad. The looks, the weapons, and the controls have always been popular, because they pretty much feel right. Prior to the big balance patch, however, everyone playing them was simply wrong- their popularity, especially among new players, hid a large number of issues with the implementation of these well designed ships.

Now, strikes are actually good. We are finally seeing a good number of strikes.

Also, as Drako says, almost all our efforts are on Star Forge. Satele is often riddled with long periods with no queue pops. It's still a playable place, but it's very frustrating to sometimes wait 40 minutes, especially for a game that could easily end early just because not enough players fill one of the sides. Star Forge basically has none of these issues. I wonder how other group content is on Satele these days?
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