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What method are you using to travel to Tython? It's best to go back to your ship, go to a planet and then travel via the ship to Tython
To add onto this, it is pretty much required in all cases, for all class story missions, that you use your ship to travel for the story to progress. When doing your class story always use your ship to travel. Generally the mission will clue you in as to how you need to travel. For example, the breadcrumb mission for the Black Hole that you can acquire in the fleet requires you to travel to Corellia and then use the shuttle to travel to the Black Hole. Using the map to travel directly to the Black Hole will not progress the mission.

This happens because the feature to open the galaxy map anywhere and travel directly from it was added late in the game's life and the scripts that trigger missions to advance were not updated to account for that new feature. While that may seem like an oversight when you consider the number of scripts that would need to be updated across the eight class stories, and the number of bugs that would introduce, it was likely the more prudent choice to just leave them as they are.
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