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09.07.2020 , 01:36 AM | #1
I know i have been hardspamming this forum about the issues sentinel/marauder have. Today i'd like to give an idea that's probably the best thing they can do about the class. In pvp Force Camo has been an issue since the introduction of defel spliced genes tactical. Being able to camo a lot more than normal is very powerful and makes the class essentially immortal in regs if you want it to be. I have had games with no healer or tanks and still had like 1-2 deaths max. The idea is:

Change the utility that gives damage on next attack after camo to this. Force camo now doesnt put you in stealth, but the effects don't break on attack. That was the class doesn't get overloaded, as it loses one of its most useful utility skills but gains a pure godsend when it comes to pvp and some pve fights. All that needs to be changed for this to work is maybe defel tactical needs to be reworked. Tbh if that tactical is reworked changing camo wont be necessary but doing this will be extremely valuable to Carnage/combat and watchman/annihilation.

What are your thoughts