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Did a solo RR veteran last night and it went well mostly except for the last boss.
Sometimes the boss would just target Nadia at the entrance and i couldnt get Nadia to move.
Is there a way to move our Companion?

Finally after two tries, killed the boss.
Seems like the boss has to target me to remove the shields from the add.
If Nadia is targeted and standing at the add, the shields dont get removed.

Nadia was a healer.

Oh, do u also get better loot when running Master?
The strategy with the companions on that last boss is to use their passive ability to move them.

When the boss starts shoot lightning, run to one of the side adds with the shield on them. Stand behind them and put your comp on passive. They will then run to you.
Then it doesn’t matter if the boss is using lightning on you or them because it should also be going onto the add. When that happens, use your interrupt ability which removes the shield.
Take your comp off passive, kill the add and move to the second one. Rinse and repeat.

Then the boss spawns some red globes around the side, run and grab two then comeback and try and kill him before more adds spawn. You want the globes because they absorb a large amount of damage he throws out at the phase.

If you kill him before the adds reappear, the rest of the red force globes will still be there. Run around and get them and they give you renounced points.

Hope that helps.

Ps, you will get better loot from master, but you will need help as the mechanics on that last boss change and he has extra adds that freeze you in place.