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Trixx, I am by no means uber and don't think RR master is that hard. It's more learning the mechanics and the script of some of the fights. Been soloing that thing for a long time. Upon return soloed in trash gear no set bonus. The one master mode that I find tough but I can do is blood hunt. It's a crap shoot whether I win or not. I may try again soon when I get bored. Right now been trying to figure the sweet spot on my op. I also have been farming crafting mats, lol.
I had been doing RR on master till something changed about a week ago. Now I can’t get past the last boss because his dumb adds don’t go to the middle when you pull him around the back. They seem to have grown a brain and now spawn at the back too or run around from the middle. Where as before you could trick them into staying in the mid section and just concentrate on the boss