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Iím not sure about a tank, but I can solo Red Realer on my deception Sin.

Iím assuming you want to use a comp dps instead of healer and I think you might have a few issues because taunting doesnít work so well with some of the mechanics (at least itís not so great on deception). Plus you might find you wonít do enough Dps in the time frame to clear the boss fights

If I was you, I would respect to dps to do your solo runs and use a healer comp.

Also, you canít queue solo queue as such. If you want to run red reaper or any ďgroup onlyĒ flash point solo, you need to find the entrance and go in from there.
The entrance to red reaper is down the fleet missions lift to the drop ship lvl. When you come out, hang a right and go to into the next room. You want the terminal on the right to pick up the mission. Pick veteran as master mode is basically impossible solo (unless you are an uber 1% player).
Trixx, I am by no means uber and don't think RR master is that hard. It's more learning the mechanics and the script of some of the fights. Been soloing that thing for a long time. Upon return soloed in trash gear no set bonus. The one master mode that I find tough but I can do is blood hunt. It's a crap shoot whether I win or not. I may try again soon when I get bored. Right now been trying to figure the sweet spot on my op. I also have been farming crafting mats, lol.
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