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you obviously don't know jack-didly-squat about anything other than distortion field.
I take your one of those sods that does nothing but try to close quarters dogfight with me? You want to get a head to head with me, you will lose the maneuver game period, if you think a strike should be able to win the maneuver game against a paper scout your just being thick.

Also Stikes have 2x the armor and 2x the shields than a scout, that's your compensation. And your weapons hit harder period. You have your advantages I have mine, not stop trying to play your strike like a flashfire.

I have stated before the class that is the least threat to scouts are other scouts. A good strike is far more trouble to me than a scout, because I can keep a scout from getting enough contact time to burn me but a strike requires just seconds of contact time to kill me.

Strikes should look for opportunities to blindside burst a scout, you never going to win a protracted 1v1 dogfight at close quarters.
Clearly don't know a thing I use all ranged weapons I am talking about scouts that are unkillable if you are flying directly into their face starting at 9KM out or scouts that you can get on the tail of starting at 7km out and not being able to land a single shot thanks to insane evasion stats granted by CD's. I am not using those Short range weapons that you "fear" because that's what Ion Cannons are they are short weapons you are the one suggesting to fight in close and then when I tell you doing that will just get one killed you are assuming I am doing so and saying well DUH.... stupid your the one that suggested it and was complaining about it. My weapons don't hit harder, yours Do both classes have the same weapons but a scout actually has access to damage boosting abilities. With the damage boosting abilities it doesn't matter that I have 50% more shields or Armor because you do double damage. If you aren't using Distortion shields that is your own fault for not using the most OP shields in the game.

If I were not flying a strike the way it was meant to be flown I would not average 8-16 kills a match and I would not average 25-50k damage a match with 50% accuracy. You speak of things you know nothing about.

Edit: NVM when all of you actually run into a good scout let me know enjoy knowing scouts will forever have top leader boards top kills and least deaths when played to their fullest if you get killed by a strike in a scout you got out played period and the records will always show just that.