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The star guard is my second ship, and I don't even bother with that cheap tricks known as gunships and pikes.

Your weapons have accuracy boosts in their upgrade tree no? IC has one first teir. And I was giving you a list of things to counter with. As for scouts outrunning you, well no frigging kidding they are paper ships did think they are supposed to be slow?

PTorps have what 20% crit chance? And they crit for like what? MY ENTIRE HULL. And all your posts can be solved by nerfing distortion field not scouts (I don't run distortion, I run quick charge for the engine bonus)

Concussion still does 30% to hull and completely wreck my shields leaving me vulnerable.

The second strike is a long range missile ship if your trying to close quarters dogfight with it your going to be wrecked, its like trying to melee on a commando.

Strike power comes from their heavy weapons, you don't have to track your targets you just blow them out of the sky. Scouts are a pure dogfighter, we have to track and follow targets, so if you die us you died because you got outplayed.
Clearly don't know a thing about a strike class. Ion's are the ONLY weapon with an accuracy buff and its only 6% that's not going to do squat against what we are talking about especially since its accuracy and range aren't great to begin with (hint same range as your "dog fighting types" and have to do the same thing a scout has to do in close range)

PT only get a 10% chance to crit, if some on manages to get a 4 second lock-on on you with these things you got out played. Same can be said for Concussive missles its do easy to break missile locks that if they get one off you got out maneuvered/ out played.

Strike's don't have to track their targets......? Seriously you don't know how to play a Strike the only 2 different lasers a strike gets that a scout doesn't are Heavy laser cannons and Ion Cannons everything else is exactly the same, the Second scout can get quads and all the other weapons are 4k meter close range weapons all requiring the same skill to fire and hell with LESS maneuverability and Speed in a strike so some one landing a Ion cannon shot on you is playing more skillfully then you landing a Rapid fire laser on them same range, less maneuverability, less speed and less rate of fire and more energy consumption. You have it the other way around, if you are dieing to a strike you got out-played.