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Really well done, I like your parse and the combat log function is really nice, didn't test it with raids though, will do it later.
But pretty much it's what I've been missing from parsers ever since MoniTOR was discontinued is a full log for all your group members instead of just you, don't know if your parser offers this but if it doesnt you should think about adding this, it really helps troubleshooting in raids for example if a tank dies you can then look at the logs and see if he didn't take any heals or if he was actually one-shoted, you check if someone forgot to cleanse a dot that they should, if a dps neglected a mechanic and took unnecessary damage and that kind of stuff.

Also one thing that I always wanted on parsers was a pop-out that would detect from the log which boss you are fighting and what difficulty (even if you have to input this) and then as soon as you start the battle if would show you how long till enrage (again, even if you have to input the enrage timer). Also going a step further you could even create a timer profile for mechanics that occour with time or boss health so that for DG fight for example the overlay would say something like "Heirad lightning field in 3:00" and then keep counting till it reaches zero, and then the timer starts for the next one till heirad dies and then it becomes a timer for doom, and then mark for death from kelsara and force-leech... I think you get what I'm saying, same thing for mechanics tied to boss health, it would show dmg till mechanic or something like that. There is an app for custom timers on my razer keyboard but something reading your combat logs would be much better not only because it could work for boss health-tied mechanics but also would know when to start and stop timers automatically. Anyway, just an idea, keep up the good work.
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