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We used this tonight and only a bit of a complaint regarding raid:

When you join a group, it is not very clear that you successfully joined. There should probably be a confirmation like successfully joining or something.

On top of that, it would be nice if everyone could a list of who is in the group. With the admin being able to kick from group

I also did not see a way for an admin to log in on another instance of the program (for example if you got a new computer)
It is true that Admin Groups is not a robust member-group solution. But this is by design. A group does not consist of a defined set of members, instead it is just a group of connected raiders. Kicking someone out would require a more robust account setup and storage which I am staying away from. If you have a problem member you can simply delete the group and create a new one.

As for "Admin" of a group from another machine, any admin activity for a group that does not have an Admin Password saved will prompt you for the admin password. This allows you to "admin" a group from any machine.

I have noted your feedback on the request for a successfully joined message and for the list of people raiding. Note that if the Raid Light is green and the buttons says "Raiding" then you are connected. Also, once combat begins you can see a list of users in combat on the raid tab. I realize this does not entirely meet the need you expressed but its close. I may include some sort of raid user list in the future.