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I ran this tonight in our progression HM SNV raid and we are very thrilled with the intricacies that you threw into the parser. There were just a few things we noticed as far as bugs:

parser starts over after Olok The Shadow disappears the first time
parser starts over after the dread guard ads die before the kell dragon on styrak
heals are counted on CCs that are active out of combat i.e concussion missle, whirlwind, etc. for example, if our merc dps CC'd an ad, the ad is healed for 4.3k every few seconds and it counts as heals on the parse though, he never healed anyone in the raid.
Interesting... This does not occur for anyone in our raid groups. Were you dropping out of combat using a stealth ability or something? This would cause a combat end event and a combat start event in the log, resulting in a new "fight".

Please keep an eye on this and if it continues to occur feel free to submit a bug report online or shoot the support email address (found in the help window of the app) a message with your log attached!