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The OP's list of new content seemed a little anemic so I decided to throw together a more complete list. I'm sure there are things that I missed, but it shows that BioWare has been a bit busier than the OP gives them credit for.

Categories show totals where appropriate, with only post-release content itemized below.
- PVP Warzones (5 Total) -
Ancient Hypergate
Novare Coast

- PVP Arenas (4 Total) -
Orbital Station
Tatooine Canyon
Corellia Square
Makeb Mesas

- Operations (7 Total, 3 Difficulty modes each) -
KP (full op wasn't available at release)
Explosive Conflict
Terror From Beyond
Scum and Villainy
Dread Fortress
Dread Palace
plus Nightmare difficulty modes added after EC/TfB

- World Bosses (25 Total, 4 unavailable/unreleased) -
Urtagh (original Rakghoul event)
Infected Trapjaw (original Rakghoul event)
Zama Brak (original Rakghoul event)
Nightmare Pilgrim
Golden Fury
Xeno Analyst II
The Eyeless (unreleased)

- Flashpoints (19 Total, 16 Hardmode) -
Kaon Under Siege
Lost Island
Hammer Station (Hardmode)
Athiss (Hardmode)
Cademimu (Hardmode)
Mandalorian Raiders (Hardmode)
Czerka Corporate Labs
Czerka Core Meltdown

- Gear Tiers (12 Total, 3 unavailable: Tionese, Columi, Rakata, PVE Only) -
Black Hole
Dread Guard
Black Market/Arkanian
Kell Dragon/Shadowed
Oricon/Dread Forged

- Companions (44 Total) -

- Planets/Moons/Locations (23 Total + 2 Faction dependant variants: Taris & Balmorra) -
Black Hole
Section X

- Events (6 Total, 2 recurring, 2 unreleased) -
Rise of the Rakghouls
Grand Acquisitions Race
Return of the Gree (recurring)
Bounty Week (recurring)
Rakghouls Revisited (unreleased)
Life Day 2.0 (unreleased)

- Single Player Space Missions (19 Total, 6 Hardmode) -
Cha Raaba Assault/Thanium Disruption
Duma Strike/Baros Ambush
Far Cradle Strike/Regnant Station Assault
Kanaz Minefield/New Cov Asteroid Field
Kabal Station Defense/Ardis Outpost Fortification
Lorta Escort/Hypori Escort

- UI Features -
UI Customization
Color Matching
Hide Helmet
Companion Hide Helmet
Companion Color Matching
Legacy System
Guild Banks
Cartel Market
Character Atlasing (High Res Textures)
Group Finder

- Gameplay -
Ranked Warzones (No longer available)
Ranked Arenas
Galactic Starfighter
Level Cap increased to 55
Legacy Gear
Dye Modules
Craftable Augment Slots/Kits
Animal Mounts
Appearance Designer
Cathar Species
Cross Faction GTN
Reputation System
Multiple Class Changes (balance)

- Expansions (2 Total) -
Rise of the Hutt Cartel
Galactic Starfighter
(too many additions to detail)

- Patches (13 Named, 134 Total)
1.1.0 Rise of the Rakghouls
1.2.0 Legacy
1.3.0 Allies
1.4.0 Terror From Beyond
1.5.0 HK-51 Activated
1.6.0 Ancient Hypergate
1.7.0 Return of the Gree
2.0.0 Rise of the Hutt Cartell & Scum and Villainy
2.1.0 Customization
2.2.0 Operation Nightmare
2.3.0 Titans of Industry
2.4.0 The Dread War
2.5.0 Galactic Starfighter Early Access

Average time between named patches: 8 weeks
Average time between regular patches: 5.4 days