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Only thing I would say in reply is that I played WoW during its first two years and if you look at the content patches they aren't actually all that different in terms of pace, quantity, QoL, etc. Bioware has actually accomplished a few things Blizzard didn't, not a lot, but a couple things. The WoW devs, some time ago, talked about how it was much harder initially to expand the game but over time they learned to streamline things and started to churn out content while maintaining quality.

For me the third year is where an MMO comes into its own, especially from a developer on its first MMO. If this year SWTOR maintains this same pace I will be disappointed. With a new crop of MMOs on the horizon this really has to be the year SWTOR starts "wow"ing its players and gives them good reason not jump ship to the bright and shiny or ESO, WSO or EQN.
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