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Funny thing you should say that because some of the classes in this game have the exact same skills as those in WoW.

And people weren't expecting it to be a WoW clone (which it is imo) and people thought it would be a WoW wrong they were.
Actually, the devs were very clear about using WoW as an inspiration/mould to make the game before it was even released.
The problem is that people are morons and hype the game with stuff that's not in it just because they want it to be.
I mean, droves of SWG players were thinking this would be a sandbox game... no matter how many times the devs told them it wasn't.

So no, the devs were very clear that it would be a WoW "clone" set in the world of star wars with story as the main attraction.
It's just people who didn't listen that complain about how the game turned out (as in the game mechanics being similar to WoW and the game not being a sandbox game).
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