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The Bounty Hunter counterpart is actually the trooper so it might be less fair to them, since BH gets a choice of one pistol or two, and troopers get a choice of blaster rifle or massive cannon.
I knew someone would post this. Troopers and BH share abilities, armor, and both use aim. Smugglers and BH share share weapon choice and both work for there fraction and not apart. Like troopers and imp. agents are both military, and the different AC use different weapons. my guess is bioware did this so the fraction mirror didn't make the non force users fell the exact same. So BH and smugglers both use pistols. So if we get rifles then smugglers need a second weapon choice. That is why we can't use blaster rifle and never will till smugglers single wield AC gets a new weapon choice. Blaster rifles just don't fit smugglers at all.