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Boy does this thread keep getting resurrected.

No one is stopping others from grouping too. There would be more competition if more people did that instead of leaving a match when placed against better pilots or worse -self destructing to not give others who do want to try a chance. The mental logic of making the situation worse for your team while benefiting players you hate/dislike is just galaxy brain worthy.

image related:

Unranked warzone PvP-ers do not get as salty about groups as GSF-ers. The primary reason a particular group lacks competition is because decent or otherwise self-proclaimed decent pilots give up before trying. Sure going up against a monumentally tough opponent is demoralising, but the lack of willingness & effort to do what you can should be addressed as well.

If the problem really is groups, then the group size could be reduced. However, the concept of a premade is a scapegoat for the pains voiced in this thread. Even people pairing with only one other friend get slammed with the same hate. Why must others be punished for wanting to play with friends when one refuses to play with friends of their own, improve their play, and dismiss criticism by invoking defensiveness without irony.

I think a more interesting question to ask if why groups provoke such strong reactions in GSF, but not warzones. If we can tackle that, perhaps we might solve the underlying issue of complaint. /edit -I looked through the Warzone forums. Complaints about groups revolve around being placed with a clueless (not necessarily weaker) team, and an adamant refusal to group. Hmmmmmmmm.
The question is not can other people also group. Of course they can. But rather, it's "are premades good for GSF?"

Now, of course, that question is largely rhetorical, because we all know it's not good for GSF. Premades are not elevating play. They're not making queues faster. They're not encouraging competition. Everyone knows this. In fact, it's exactly why people make premades. Not to test "steel against steel." It's not to find these epic 49/50 or 1000/999 games against other elite teams. It's to roll PUGs 50 to 2 and 1000 to 7.

Comparisons to WZs are inappropriate because WZs draw their players from a much larger base. GSF has more narrow participation to begin with, and its learning curve (even without premades) is sufficient to prevent any more than modest growth. Add to that the natural attrition of MMO players and Bioware's failure to support GSF with new content, new rewards, new story elements, etc...

The simple question for all the premades is what's more important to them? Easy wins, or the health of GSF? The defensive screeds we get from premade players makes the answer clear.