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I got 650000 on doing Kephass per the parcer we use.
Not a record like Nightmare mode of 750000 but failed at 8% boss health left. (Other healer died)
I use Koto Cloud on the Melee when I can or on myself standing in the crowd of casters.
You just need to keep Punacity up all the time. And during any 3 second lull use Diagnostic Scan for Energy.
I am not that well geared but have 34.85 crit and 77.52 Surge, also 13.78 Alacrity.

I do not claim to be a great healer, but some think I am.

So yea use Koto as much as you can as you can cast in on the run and heals for substantial amounts.
probably the most telling response in here, in that it shows how kolto pack is so unnecessary you can be a damn good healer without even knowing what it is. still, i like it for when im sitting on plenty of energy and 3 uhs, or less freqently when im afraid a circles gonna pop under me or something and i wont have the time uwm.
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