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08.29.2012 , 01:46 AM | #7
I managed to optimize my gear quite a bit yesterday when I decided to really dig into it, so now I'm getting 6800-7100 crits on my UM's..

690.2 bonus heal rating with some 2150 cunning and 880 power or so.. I don't have the exact numbers.. (with all buffs).

That coupled with a crit chance of just under 35% (I would like this to be a tad bit higher) and 76% surge.. I think I'm pretty well geared.. And I'm running with 2 pcs. pve and pvp setbonus.. My Battlemaster pants have pve only mods in them though. I could do the same with a Battlemaster chest, but I want the look from the War Hero chest.

I have mods gathered from columi, rakata and Black Hole, and in my chest I have the pvp stuff to boost my crit rating a bit at the cost of some cunning and power.. I don't think I can afford to go much lower on my crit rating. I've been scouring the gear availiable to me, and it looks pretty optimal to me.. At least until I get my hands on Campaign gear - which I haven't checked out yet..

2 War Hero power relics

Everything with blue mk-6 cunning augs.. So I can get 26 more cunning from purple augs (there's one purple augment in the bunch)..
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