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08.28.2012 , 10:08 AM | #6
There is a difference between Kolto Cloud and Kolto Pack. Kolto Cloud is limited, but useful in healing 4 people at once. Kolto Pack is decent heal, but it consumes 20 energy and also 1 Upper Hand. So my personal opinion is it is not cost efficient.

This is without my stim, I'm biochem so I always have the extra cunning and power supplied by the Rakata Skill Stim.

I still need to replace a few enhancements, mods and my barrel, but right now without Stim I am setting at:
2178 Cunning
662 Power
213 Crit
228 Surge
Alacrity 336

Still have some work to do getting Surge to 285 and Crit up to at least 250.

With the stim, Cunning is 2290 and Power is 708.