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08.27.2012 , 03:40 PM | #3
Have no PVP gear, healer is 100% PVE. Even though I'm full BH now I have the mods in my Rakata shell to keep both set bonuses and I have gotten to the point now where energy is rarely an issue, I almost never use Kolto Pack.

IMO Kolto Pack just cost too much. I may use it at the end of a fight on a tank to top them off, but only if it looks like I'm about to die.Still with EM that rarely happens.

Holly Crap moments for me are EM, EM followed by UM. May throw a KC in there if it is melee DPS or the tank if others around them also too damage. I will also to EM (tank), EM (DPS), KC, EM (tank), UM (DPS) and UM (Tank) if it was both taking damage at the same time. I trust my tanks to mitigate damage while I heal the DPS after I stabilize them. They know I will be back to them ASAP, but squishy DPS need some healing. Real oh crap moment also includes using one of my adrenals.

Any sawbones coming up that want to practice oh crap moments outside of a group setting, go do CtS solo with your tank or alt geared DPS. It is fairly easy, but there is always at least one oh crap moment if all you do during the final boss is heal. Good practice on keeping energy up too.