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08.27.2012 , 03:15 PM | #2
I personally never use Kolto Pack, even in the "oh crap" moments (and my guild has cleared EC HM). I tend to stack a little more crit than other Scoundrels probably, but that allows me to hit harder with my Underworld Medicine/Emergency Medpack combo. I have no problems keeping either tank up during Kephess.

That said, I'm sure others use Kolto Pack with success. If I was running with the 4-piece PVE set bonus it may also influence my use of KP. As it stands, I have the 2-piece PVE/PVP set bonuses to give me a more effective/energy efficient Kolto Cloud.

My build:
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Ermageddon - Shadow Deeps, Ermeena - Vanguard Tank/DPS

Ermania- Guardian DPS, Erminus - Sage DPS