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I only just recently started doing the harder ops, and have until now not really used Kolto Pack at all. I'm also running around with the 2 set bonus from both pve and pvp to boost my Kolto Cloud instead of going for that 15% crit chance on Kolto Pack.

So basically my question is for scoundrel healers with good experience at EC HM and KP NM.. Do you play with the pve 4 set bonus and Kolto Pack regular usage for burst heal (I'm thinking a holy crap moment of UM+KP+EM+EM burst - or even 2 Kolto Packs), or do you use pvp 2 set bonus for a boosted Kolto Cloud and rely on UM+EM for burst heals?

What kinds of crit, surge, power, cunning stats are you running? Right now I'm running pure cunning augs for the bonus heal bonus.
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