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Do you find you are able to keep your plasma cell dot up 100% of the time with MagBolt>ChargedBolt >Magbolt? This is mashing your MB's together creating a rather large DPS spike in the rotation and overlapping your guaranteed dot refresh that MB provides. I guess if the other abilities can keep the dot up on their own it does not matter much, but I was wondering if you have looked for that.
I listed a basic rotation (which nevertheless has everything and room for expansion) and the thing about that is it contains two Hammer Shots. Hammer Shots IIRC does 7 hits with 35% chance to proc Plasma Cell which is 95% and there's now a rate limit of only 1.5s so virtually every use will refresh Plasma Cell.

So in the basic rotation it's not important, Plasma Cell is going to be up by sheer weight of Hammer shot refreshes.

When shooting for the high scores you'll be doing less Hammer Shots and more often using the single hit casts of Charged Bolts which while 35% are clearly not 95% or if not that then Explosive Round which has 0%. This increases the chance of Plasma Cell downtime.

So as a safety net what you can do is space out the Mag Bolts by moving the non-fixed other abilities by two GCD.

GCD01 Incendiary Missile (reapplying the elemental DoT)
GCD02 Mag Bolt (generating 5 energy and making next Charged Bolts instant)
GCD03 Charged Bolts (making next Mag Bolt free)
GCD04 Serrated Bolt (reapplying internal DoT)
GCD05 Assault Plastique
GCD06 Mag Bolt (generating 5 energy)
GCD07 ------ Filler Slot
GCD08 Full Auto (making next Mag Bolt free)
GCD09 Full Auto continued
GCD10 ------ Filler Slot

So that means the Plasma Cell applied by the first Mag Bolt will be falling off by the end of the Assault Plastique GCD and refreshed by the Mag Bolt following.

There's then two fillers and Full Autos 4 ticks to have a chance at extending Plasma Cells 6s burn to cover the rest of the 9 seconds til Mag Bolt comes round again.

You will always get downtime on Plasma Cell even if Mag Bolt is lined up to perfectly refresh it. Nothing you can do about it, you can only increase your odds and by more evenly spreading out the Mag Bolts you can do that.

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Also is there any way you could post some parses of this set up as a reference?
Yes this is possible. However I'm still gearing up with my raid just like most of us are and while I'm averaging 192 now with full new augments and biochem I don't have new set bonuses or a 198 MH (16m is the new nightmare mode). As I mention in the guide, the old set bonuses are total trash for this spec. This means I'm not in a position to challenge parses set by better geared players if that's what you're looking for.

For a similar reason I can't actually carry out the strongest opener as the autocrit you'd use for it is in the 6pc set bonus.

Parses to prove it all works are entirely possible.

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