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Where did you hear that? Last I heard, the new event is for levels 20 and up.
You're correct, I saw it as a continuation due to the Nova Blades being involved and us having no interaction with them prior to SoR. I forgot that they did mention the level you could start participating at.

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Correct. Also the "story" part of the event so far just mentions "escalating hostilities between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire" .. which could happen at any time during the vanilla game or onward.
Because they would certainly frame it as something that happened pre-Corellia.. right? I'm sorry, I see your point but I highly doubt any 'story' relation this event has to the game would not be framed as something that happened any time during vanilla onward. SoR onward sounds somewhat right because we do have clear understandings of when escalation and deescalation between the two major factions were a thing. Name another point ingame where the conflicts were heating up between Imps and Pubs besides vanilla (where we've no sign of the Nova Blades) and post-Alliance. Even the end of SoR just left relations more in limbo than adversarial.

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Do you read the forums? Cause there have been posts adressing the companion bugs and the GSF 3 weeks in a row.
You can't say that they don't communicate. This is extravagant compared to WoW where the devs literally don't set foot in the forums for years except for announcements.

Don't make the mistake to think communication means they must agree with you on every concern or have the resources to do everything you want. But it does prove they are listening.

Edit: And you got threads on tactical items and set bonuses on theclass forums. You should check it out and leave your feedback/sugestions.
I know, I was in that thread already and stopping by to tell us 'Yeah, that happens' isn't dealing with the issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see a BW stamped aside a thread with growing concerns or questions but it's more of a non-answer than anything. Them being better than Blizzard on this front does not make them awesome. I don't expect them nor want them to cater to my every desire, I know everyone has their own opinions, wants and likes. And I saw those threads. They don't seem like much at all since we (as I said in the OP) don't have a clear vision of what this end-result is supposed to look like. Everyone seems to be conjuring up new set bonuses rather than adding utility to classes and I STILL want to see the idea for 'tactical items'.

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Im LOVING the GSF weekly. Love love love.
Nice, hope you enjoy!

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Listening (reading) even responding is good, that's where it starts; but nothing changes until it changes (End Result).
These kind of posts just seem to rekindle all the known bugs that have been around and probably never will be fixed. The post is good if something is wrong, broken, missing or otherwise not right mention it, don't let it fade into "Never was fixed" land. The responses in the "Companion Issues" thread were informative for *Some of the Post Zakuul problems but also seemed to side step others entirely.
Exactly, they're very selective with their answers, and for good reason on some fronts but it helps no one to ignore everything else. This was my main issue with their engagement and being strung along with crumbs is annoying.
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