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Im LOVING the GSF weekly. Love love love.
For me it's just dead weeks cause i don't even dare to set foot in it. Complex controls, systems, etc.

I really wish we had the choice to do the PvE ones. I like those. They are simple to pick up and play. It's the first thing i played when i came back to the game cause it wasn't overwhelming in any way.
But, how people hated on those on-rails missions and wanted this X-wing/Tie fighter simulator thing out of an mmorpg. I think it was galaxies fans making the stink. Now look at it. No one likes the thing and the people who made the stink are long gone.

Maybe they can make PvE starfighter content in the future. At least it would ease people in. But the fact that there is a progression system and those starting are at a huge disavantage just means there is too high a barrier for it to ever increase in popularity.