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The current state of the game is pretty saddening. I'M just feeling ranty but it would accomplish nothing, seeing how there's almost never responses to said complaints. GSF being the timed weekly for the 3rd week in a row just snapped something in me and I've just come to a few realizations for the time being.

Class balance largely untouched for 3 years kept things pretty stale. Many long standing bugs going unfixed (nice to see the bug forums over on EA's 'community' site is hanging out over there), now with the companion bugs joining their ranks as one of the worst offenders to date (almost at the half a year mark now). Same events running for the past few years and now that we're getting a new one, it's tied to story that we need to progress PAST the whole Alliance and Eternal Empire nonsense to participate for what appear to be awful rewards. Ossus rewards purposefully being dripfed. RNG of Galactic Command crates being more of a drain of excitement than the 'thrill of the hunt'. GSF still having no proper tutorial, not being legacy-based and terribly monetized. Lack of conquest adjustments based on feedback. Lack of response to a lot of feedback in general. Just a lot of buzzkill all around and we're not even in June yet.

Waiting until 6.0 to be further disappointed because details of hyped ideas and newly implemented things were withheld until 2 weeks before it drops won't cut it. I'd appreciate if you guys would do something now. Engage more. Talk about what's not so much on the 'wall of crazy' nowadays. Tease new abilities. Give us an actual idea of what these tactical abilities and items are going to look like. SOMETHING.
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