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04.22.2018 , 03:43 PM | #20
To me juggies are supposed to be the least mobile melee class.

Consider the others:
Shadow: sneaky assassin dualsaber type.
Operative: sneaky stab you in the back type.
PT: mobility is like the only thing they do have, flamethrower basically XD
And then mara: they are literally supposed to be the speedy glass cannon type.

This is why i think dps guardians need more of a anti focus tool. We are low mobility by design to differentiate us from our (currently superior) cousins the maras. (Seriously why run rage when you could be running fury and have superior mobility. DcDs, and damage? I admit with vigi jts a more complicated comparison).

Basically guardians are not supposed to be speedy or incredibly mobile. We are also supposed to not be cannon fodder.