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Actually enrage doesn't grant any immunity, just 6 seconds of movement speed increase, it does have a 45 second cooldown though. Then you could theoretically get the cleanse on Endure Pain, although that makes for a very lousy rootbreaker (a far cry from the good old 10 seconds of root immunity on Endure Pain, but I guess that got nerfed because tanks got it for 20 seconds, making it a root immunity with 1/3 uptime).
Both good points, forgot cleanse basically = root break with the new cleanse mechanic so yeah technically Endure Pain is one as well, but like said hardly worth speccing just for that.

The more I think about it, the more I think Intercede should just act as the other root break, maybe tie it into the legendary utility, and to compensate Rage Juggs, give them the old Vengeance talent of having Intercede also give them the DR boost.
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