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Anyways you keep saying Juggs have 4 root breaks, they don't, they have 2, and since you complained about utilities, Juggs have to spend utility points to get those root breaks as well. Enrage, root break + 6 sec immunity on 1 minute cooldown so 10% uptime at most, and Blade Blitz version (which Maras also get). You blow both and for 33 seconds if the opponent is smart at all, they'll never let you get a leap off and you're walking in molasses, besides the roots of course (Enraged Defense speed utility is pointless and doesn't root/snare break only gives speed).
Actually enrage doesn't grant any immunity, just 6 seconds of movement speed increase, it does have a 45 second cooldown though. Then you could theoretically get the cleanse on Endure Pain, although that makes for a very lousy rootbreaker (a far cry from the good old 10 seconds of root immunity on Endure Pain, but I guess that got nerfed because tanks got it for 20 seconds, making it a root immunity with 1/3 uptime).