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12.21.2011 , 01:12 PM | #10
I'm having the same problem. I was in a group with another BH on the same mission and maybe that's why mine glitched. Put me in spectator mode maybe.
Anyways, when I saw it wasn't working, I hit reset on the mission. Now it only shows the name of the mission and not even the description anymore. It no longer shows the radar showing where I should meet up with the brother and sister either. . Until I confront the brother and sister in the hanger I can't go on to the part in the city.
I've dropped the group, left the class area in the hanger, logged out and quit the game. I've gone to different maps and worlds. Nothing has caused the story part with the brother and sister to re-proc.
This is pretty frustrating as without this, my story arc is stuck. Without that, this game losses a lot of it's appeal. Without this appeal, it makes coughing up fifteen bucks next month unlikely.

Edit - Looks like they may be getting my fifteen bucks after all. Went to Drumond Kass and ran to the Mandalorian citadel. Checked my mission and got the option to reset again. Hit it and the details on the mission popped back up. Headed back and it ran as it should have.

Frustrating as hell though.