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My first suggestion:


  • Some of the tacticals should be rolled in to one. I think the Juggernaut/Guardian DPS ones are terrible.

  • Reduce the cost of re-calibrating, and put a cap on it.
  • Create two separate functions for Re-calibrating--one for selecting the amplifier you one, and the other for upgrading it.
  • Remove the Crafting one's
  • Cap re-calibrating cost at 50,000 credits.
  • Have a fixed credit cost for selecting your amplifier, and variable amounts for leveling it up (capped at 50K credits per roll)

  • What are we supposed to do with clamoring slash? Remove the ability and add the slow effect to Lacerate (Assassins) and Chain Lighting (Sorcerers--since Force Storm is spammable)
  • Volt Rush needs to be synergized with the Rotation, make it buff something. I don't see a use for it in the Balance spec.

  • Please, remove the ones that gives x % alacrity/Defense when below x % HP. Remove the Mad Dash one and the Force Lift Foolishness
  • All set bonuses needs to be reworked. I honestly couldn't find one for Fury Marauder.
  • Reduce the 6 Pieces to 5 ( if you going to keep them as is) so we can have a separate 2 piece that is work-able, like +2% to power/Mastery/Alacrity/Endurance

  • All Flashpoints should be Scaled to level 75
  • Re-work Story-mode where you can solo it or do it as a group. Hence, we will have three modes to queue for--Story, Vet, and Master, only difference here is that yo can up he story mode from the terminal and solo it. This way low levels can still queue for group and high levels will only go vet and not have to worry about de-sync
  • Master Mode Hammer Station felt a bit easier than on live, since , Phase 3 rolled out. it was over-tuned in Phase 2 (Tunneler Droid was bugged TBH) then they just Nerf it in Phase Three ( instead of fixing the Lazer on the droid).

  • LOL - that's all. Ridiculous resource cost, and requirements

  • Armoring & Enhancements-- Twenty-one (21) different iterations of each. Like, what the actual f@#k? Bioware, WHO thought of this? WHO?? Please, for the love of Chewbacca, scale it down to three--- endurance heavy, power and tertiary stat heavy (for enhancements); mastery heavy, power heavy and endurance heavy for mods). Armoring only need two variants-- Mastery heavy or Endurance Heavy . Because of diminishing returns on Tertiary stats, there is, literally, no reason to have so many different variants. This is NOT how you get players to choose their play-style.
  • Remove RNG from gearing
  • Gear dropped for completing activities-All gear pieces should be of the same rating, and should be above the level of your current gear rating.
  • Reduce the number of rating scales, which is currently about 22? Before, we had, what, 11?
  • Put Back the set bonuses on the Armoring. Dunno why you decided to go back to class lock on gearing, which totally contradicts the idea of gearing how you want, and kill off alt playing